Seaside Scramblers 2022 and Beyond Update

First of all let me thank those of you who kept in touch over the last couple of years, those who made inquiries and especially the loyalists who stayed with me throughout Covid to this day with the classes we’ve continued up at our ranch!

Covid changed a lot of things for nearly everyone and we were not omitted. We learned we could work out of our home, though on a limited basis, but found that the people and dogs who really wanted to do agility were willing to change with us.

Initially, Walt continued to do mostly private obedience lessons in our agility arena, but as time went on, found he didn’t really miss training and for the most part has given it up. At 88, he deserves not to have to do more then enjoy and make the best of whatever time he has and he does. He continues working out and walking our hill 4x a day. Like me, he’s pretty much with our dogs and pets 24/7.

I’ve also found that it’s not cost effective and too labor intensive to return to the Parks and School. Consequently for the foreseeable future agility classes will continue as they are now on a limited basis which makes times easier to change as needed. I continue to offer Private lessons and the Intro Session for anyone wanting to try agility to see if it’s something they want to pursue. The initial Intro Session is $40 for approximately a half hour and on going 1/2 hour Privates are dropped to $30. Some who continue can be absorbed in an established class.

Best contact method remains
Or cell/text 805 279-2473
~ Margie ~

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