Renee Meriaux

Renee has shown Basenji’s all her life practically in Confirmation. She’s also titled in Obedience and Rally with Brando, a Bernese Mountain Dog, and has done some Carting as well.

Renee helps Walt on Monday nights. Both Renee and Kelly teach with me on Saturday mornings in Agility as does Walt. All three are well-rounded dog trainers in many venues.

Renee’s Basenji, Aspen, is going to the AKC Invitational in Long Beach, again this year!

Enjoy these great photos of Aspen:

Renee’s Basenji, Aspen, was also invited to the AKC Invitational in December 2009!

Here are a couple more great pics of Renee’s Basenji, Aspen.

Here’s a picture of Renee’s Basenji named Marq who also does agility and Brando, a Bernese Mountain Dog (pulling his cart).

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