Novice to MACH!

I’m often asked, “How long it takes for a dog to be trained to do agility?”

Of course it varies from dog to dog, handler to handler but Jeanette, an exception, managed to go from Novice to Masters in a year, then just 11 months to MACH.

Jeanette is the first soley trained by Seaside Scramblers handler to make that accomplishment and the first of many others to do so in less then a year. She began training her rescue dog Missy in April of 2011 and entered her first trial in Novice in October of 2011.

Jeanette and Missy moved to Open JWW in Jan 2012; Open Std in March 2012. Their first show in both Masters classes was in October 2012.

On one of the most incredible runs I’ve been fortunate to witness, last weekend Jeanette and Missy came in 2nd Place in Jumpers with Weaves an amazing 12 seconds under time, which coincidentally was the last needed 12 seconds.

She went on to score 4th in Standard that day for the first double Q towards MACH 2.

Novice to Masters in a year, then just 11 months to MACH… Let’s see if she can do MACH 2 prior to another year’s passage!

Congrat’s Jeanette and Missy, we’re honored to have you in our center!
– Margie

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